walkabout mini golf vs pro putt

Walkabout Mini Golf vs Pro Putt: Which Is the Better VR Game?

Everyone knows that playing mini golf is an extremely fun leisure activity. Who knew that it could be equally fun when playing in virtual reality (VR)? Two of the most common VR golf games are Walkabout Mini Golf and Pro Putt.

In a nutshell, Walkabout Mini Golf is for players who prefer an authentic mini golf experience with many types of obstacles and items to unlock, whereas Pro Putt offers more of a standard golf experience with expansive courses that focus more on improving your putting skills.

In this comparison, we will go over some of the most notable similarities and differences between both of these VR titles to help you decide which game is most suitable for you!

Walkabout Mini Golf vs Pro Putt: Similarities and Differences

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at the similarities and differences between the two golfing VR games, Mini Golf and Pro Putt. We’ll be comparing the platforms, features, players, gameplay, and graphics so that you’ll be able to see which game suits you the most!


First, let’s take a closer look at when both of these games were released, as well as who released and published them. Walkabout Mini Golf was developed and published by Mighty Coconut. It was released in July of 2021 and is compatible with VR headsets like the HTC Vive and the Oculus Quest.

Walkabout Mini Golf

  • Developer: Mighty Coconut
  • Publisher: Mighty Coconut
  • Platform: Windows, Oculus
  • Released: 2021

Pro Putt

  • Developer: Topgolf
  • Publisher: Topgolf
  • Platform: Oculus
  • Released: 2020

On the other hand, Pro Putt was developed and published by Topgolf, which is a renowned global sports entertainment company based in the United States. This game was released in May 2020 and is also a VR game that is supported by Oculus Quest. 


Both of these games support different platforms. Walkabout Mini Golf is currently available on the Oculus Store, as well as Steam, and supports Windows 10 while Pro Putt is only available on the Oculus Store.

As both of these games are Virtual Reality Games, they are compatible with the Oculus Quest headset. An important point to mention is that Walkabout Mini Golf also supports complete cross-play between all platforms.

This not only increases the player pool when playing in multiplayer mode, but it also makes it easier to have private multiplayer matches with family and friends. 


Let’s take a closer look at what type of features both of these games are packed with. We’ll be highlighting what type of levels, courses, holes, and other things that you can expect.

Night Mode – Walkabout Mini Golf
pro putt courses
Courses – Pro Putt

Walkabout Mini Golf features 7 different courses with 18 holes each. The courses are very elaborate and the holes are all interconnected so players can easily explore the larger-than-life areas. 

Another cool thing about this game is that once you complete a course, you’re not done! There’s also a Night Mode for each course where not only does the atmosphere change but the courses are modified as well. So essentially, you’ll have a total of 14 different courses to explore. 

On the other hand, Pro Putt is a simpler game overall. When it was released, it had only 3 courses with 9 holes each. Now, however, it has seen the addition of a new course and features like a driving range and a social clubhouse. 

Similar to Walkabout Mini Golf, Pro Putt also has two modes. When you’ve completed the basic mode, you unlock the Pro Mode. It differs from Walkabout Mini Golf as the courses are not altered in Pro Mode. Instead, only the putting aids are removed.  


Both of these titles support solo and multiplayer modes, which means that you’ll be able to play alone or opt to play against family members, friends, or even other players. 

Walkabout Mini Golf features various game modes, such as the solo mode, a 1v1 quick match mode, and also a multiplayer mode in which you can create a private game with up to 5 players. So playing with your friends or family members is not a problem!

Similarly, Pro Putt also supports single-player and multiplayer game modes. You can play alone, against a bot to test your skills, or against a real player in a 1v1 mode.


A similar aspect of the gameplay in both of these games is that the physics are fairly realistic. These are not games in which you mindlessly swing your club and find the hole miraculously. The courses have rolling topography so you’ll have to be careful about your putting no matter which of the two games you’re playing. 

Walkabout Mini Golf Gameplay
Pro Putt Gameplay

However, one noticeable difference is that Walkabout Mini Golf has more custom equipment to find and unlock. There are more than 120 custom balls that are hidden throughout the courses. You can also complete different foxhunts to get your hands on special putters. 

Pro Putt also contains different balls that you can find across the courses but Mini Golf generally has more items to unlock. Another important difference is the general gameplay. 

Walkabout Mini Golf is more of a mini golf game, as it features various types of challenges and obstacles, whereas Pro Putt is closer to a standard golf game with a focus on improving your putting skills. Check out our guide on the difference between mini golf and standard golf for more information.


Both Walkabout Mini Golf and Pro Putt feature great 3D graphics. The courses are well-designed and have a lot of detail. Walkabout Mini Golf has generally more elaborate course designs and a higher number of them, so there’s naturally more to look at and explore. 

Moreover, the Night Mode changes the whole aesthetic of the game which adds even more visual and technical content to enjoy. Generally, the scenery also looks slightly more impressive and the game has overall better color grading. 

Pro Putt also has very pleasing graphics. The courses are based on different terrains like beaches, and cliffs among various others. Both games have a ‘low-poly’ style, which suits the game very well.   

Which Game Is Better?

So, after having gone through the differences and similarities between both of these VR games, which is better? Well, that really depends on what you’re looking for. 

One thing that is important to get out of the way is that Walkabout Mini Golf is more like a traditional mini golf game with various fun and challenging obstacles. That’s also the reason why the courses are designed as such!

On the other hand, Pro Putt is more like a traditional or standard VR golf game with some elements related to mini golf. It’s a more realistic golfing experience that focuses on practicing your putting skills. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a true virtual reality mini golf experience, that features countless obstacles and amazing course designs, then Walkabout Mini Golf may be the right pick for you!

If you’re more of a regular golfer and are looking for a game of virtual golf putting experience and your focus is to improve your putting skills, then Pro Putt may be more suitable for you.  

Another thing to consider is that Walkabout Mini Golf might be overall better if you want to play with a lot of friends and access more playable content and unlock various features. 

Pro Putt will be the better choice if you like to have a more serious and challenging golfing experience. Plus, you can make friends and hang out with them in the virtual clubhouse. All in all, both games are extremely fun and offer a great virtual reality experience!