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Mini Golf Weddings: Planning & Organizing From Start to Finish

Mini golf is an incredibly fun pastime that’s enjoyed by people all around the world. It offers plenty of fun as players work their way through numerous holes, each designed using creative mini golf themes and layouts to offer a memorable experience.

While you may be more accustomed to seeing it being played at theme parks, recreational centers, or dedicated courses, some people have begun centering their weddings around mini golf.

This may seem like an unorthodox idea at first, but adding a mini golf component to your wedding can make it far more enjoyable, memorable, and unique. In this guide, we will go over some great reasons to consider a mini golf-themed wedding, as well as the steps to plan and organize one.

Why You Should Consider A Mini Golf-Themed Wedding

A mini golf wedding is bound to be fun as it combines the excitement of playing mini golf with the joy of celebrating a wedding – it fosters a unique and playful atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

This type of wedding also offers the opportunity for guests to interact and bond with each other in a lighthearted setting. Here’s a summary of reasons to consider a mini golf-themed wedding:

  • It’s Unique – Weddings that are designed around traditional themes, may not offer much excitement and uniqueness. For example, a 50’s Rock n Roll or Western-themed wedding may no longer hold the same appeal it once did. Mini golf-themed weddings are far less common, so yours will likely end up being more memorable.
  • It’s Fun – Mini golf is just plain fun. Your wedding guests will have a blast competing with each other and seeing who can sink their ball in the fewest amount of strokes while enjoying the wedding ceremony.
  • It’s Affordable – Renting a mini golf course for your wedding event can cost anywhere between $500 (for a portable 9-hole course) to $5,000 (for entire course rentals). This helps you and your partner save money that could be better spent on your honeymoon.
  • It’s Inclusive – Mini golf is a fun activity for people of all ages and backgrounds. Players can play at their own pace, and the game isn’t physically strenuous, meaning that everyone will get to try their luck on the course. Moreover, mini golf is meant to be an additional activity that should not take the main attention away from the bride and groom on their special day.

Where to Host a Mini Golf Wedding?

There are many possible places to host a mini golf wedding. This includes both indoor and outdoor venues of different sizes. The most suitable locations will depend on numerous factors such as the number of guests, the weather, your budget, and your intended degree of involvement.

Let’s examine some situations where a particular type of venue would be best for your mini golf-themed wedding.

At a Suitable Mini Golf Course

Some mini golf course are open to hosting private events, such as weddings. You can approach one of these locations and book a specific date for your wedding event. The venue will then close its services to the public on that day and host your private event.

This arrangement is advantageous as the mini golf course is already set up and ready to use. The facility already has more than enough clubs and balls to distribute to your wedding guests.

Your wedding planner can also add some decorative items and accessories to this course to help spruce things up.

At a Private Event Space

Hosting a mini golf-themed event at a private event space is a good idea if you already have a particular venue in mind. This could be a large lawn space or a even hotel’s garden area.

To set this up, you would need to first contact the private event space and book it for your intended wedding date. Next, you would need to contact a company that can offer mini golf course supplies (portable courses, clubs, and balls) for your big day.

This route may be more time-consuming as the mini golf course would need to be set up. However, it offers a more private experience and additional customizability, as you can implement some uniquely creative hole ideas.

At Home 

Hosting a mini golf wedding at home can be a great idea if you have enough room on your lawn or garden to accommodate the rental course. To do this, you will need to get in touch with a company that offers mini golf supplies and accessories.

This venue idea can be relatively affordable as you won’t need to book a separate space for it. It also offers plenty of customizability options as you can set up the mini golf course holes however you like.

How to Organize & Plan a Mini Golf Wedding

Organizing a mini golf wedding can be tricky, but it is possible to pull this off successfully by preparing well in advance. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for planning the perfect mini golf wedding below that you can use.

  1. First, you’ll need to decide how many people you’re going to invite, as that will give you an idea of where to host your wedding and how big of a budget you’ll need to account for. For larger turnouts, a mini golf course or a private event space is more suitable, whereas smaller weddings can be accommodated at home. 
  2. Next, you’ll need to set a budget. This budget will determine the type of food, decorations, seating, and whether you will have an open bar at your event. You should also factor in the cost of booking your venue and getting the mini golf equipment and supplies in your budget (unless the rental vendor is providing it).
  3. If you’re planning to host your wedding at a private event space or a mini golf course, you should contact the management at these locations and book your dates. You can then contact a rental company for your mini golf course, equipment, and supplies accordingly.
  4. Once these arrangements are set, you can start printing wedding cards and sending them out to your family and friends. Mini golf-themed invitations are a great match for the occasion!
  5. You can start the wedding venue preparations the day before the event and make sure everything is ready for your big day. It’s best to work with an event planner to make sure everything is taken care of.
  6. On the day of your event, you can keep some people in charge of the mini golf course section and have them help any wedding guests that need to get set up for their game.
  7. Once the event is over, the venue and the mini golf supply company will help wrap things up.

Other Important Things to Consider

Before hosting your mini golf-themed wedding, there are a few things that you should consider, which we would like to elaborate on below.

Food & Beverage Options

You will need to choose between catering, potluck, and on-site dining options for the event. On-site dining or catering are good options if you have chosen to hold your event at a mini golf course or a private event venue.

A potluck is better if you’re hosting your mini golf wedding at home. You should also consider choosing snacks or hors d’oeuvres that guests can walk around with and munch on in between and during their mini golf games.

Invitations & Decorations

You can incorporate a mini golf theme into your wedding invitations. For example, you can have a picture of the bride and groom posing with putters on a mini golf course on the invite.

For decorations, you can choose a mini golf-themed centerpiece for the table as well as a mini golf-themed cake where the figurines are holding golf clubs. The possibilities are endless, however, we advise that you still put most of the attention on the bride and groom!

Other Activities

You can also plan some other activities for the wedding event. This includes a separate dance floor or a photo booth for guests who want to engage in more traditional wedding activities.

Consider hiring a wedding photographer, too! This can be a great investment for any wedding as they capture the special moments and memories of your wedding that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

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