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32 Mini Golf Course Themes

Anyone that has played mini golf knows how fun this activity is. It brings joy to people across generations and age groups thanks to the creative ways in which mini golf courses are set up.

Mini golf courses vary, with themes ranging from pirates and beaches to marine life and science fiction! There are countless types of themes that add character and depth to a mini golf course.

Although mini golf courses take a lot of time to design, they make the experience more immersive and memorable. In this guide, we list the most popular and creative mini golf course themes! We hope that you’ll enjoy the read.

1. Marine Theme

Marine theme mini golf course
Pellys Mini Golf in California, United States

This theme is designed to take you on an adventure underwater. Corals, reefs, and logs make up the obstacles and are found throughout the course. You’ll also find large sculptures of fish and other creative elements.

Marine themes are particularly exciting for kids and the best thing is that the underwater scenery and marine animals make the entire experience more immersive.

2. Beach Theme

beach theme mini golf course
Starlux Mini Golf in New Jersey, United States

Who doesn’t love a good beach trip? This theme incorporates the various things you’d encounter at a typical beach. This includes structures resembling sandcastles, washed-up wooden ships, and even figurines of sunbathing beachgoers.

They also include small sandy patches as hazards, to make the game more challenging for players. This theme is perfect for any mini golf course in a landlocked region where players are itching to hit the beach.

3. Carnival Theme

Carnivals are meant to bring wonder and excitement to towns and cities. The attractions at a typical carnival-themed mini golf course feature many ornaments, statues, and hazards.

You’ll commonly see clowns, spinning Ferris wheels, tents, lights, and various types of booths incorporated into the course design. Some carnival themes even have a spooky vibe!

4. Christmas Theme

Christmas-themed mini golf courses enhance the festive spirit, especially when played during the Christmas Holidays. These courses are commonly decorated with traditional holiday elements such as Christmas trees, twinkling lights, seasonal music, and various types of statues.

The holes are creatively designed with holiday-themed obstacles, such as gingerbread houses, presents, and snowmen, making the game both challenging and enjoyable. Some courses even incorporate a winter-like atmosphere with artificial snow, icicles, and mistletoes!

5. Dinosaur Theme

dinosaur theme mini golf course
Dino Park Mini Golf in Phuket, Thailand

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but the awe and wonder they evoke in mini golf courses are a sight to remember – especially for kids. This theme incorporates both life-sized dinosaurs as well as their enclosures.

Some dinosaurs are even animated, making the entire session more immersive and fun! The holes are designed with various obstacles such as volcano eruptions, jungle vines, and vast landscapes. It’s a truly magical experience as players navigate through prehistoric landscapes.

6. Egyptian Theme

Mini golf courses designed with an Egyptian theme, have players transported back over 4500 years to ancient Egypt. These courses are decorated with famous monument replicas such as pyramids, sphinxes, tombs, and pharaohs, which are typically set against a desert background.

Players are tasked to navigate through sandy dunes and themed obstacles, which include ancient artifacts, hieroglyphics, scarabs, and rivers. It’s a great experience for kids, as it’s not only a fun way to experience Egypt, but it’s also educational.

7. Fantasy Theme

These themes take players to another world featuring fantasy characters such as wizards, witches, orcs, knights, and kings! Holes are constructed with fantasy-inspired landscapes, ornaments, and hazards.

Holes are typically surrounded by magical creatures, heroic statues of fantasy-styled characters, and castles. Some fantasy-themed mini golf courses even take players through dragon lairs and wizard chambers!

8. Geography Theme

geography themed mini golf course
Mini Golf Parc Floral de Paris in France

Geographical-themed mini golf courses provide an interactive and educational way to explore our planet and its beautiful scenery. Typical decorations include landmarks from different parts of our world, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Three Gorges Dam, among many others.

The holes are creatively designed with various obstacles such as rivers, lakes, fields, roads, maps, mountains, and famous landmarks. Players can challenge themselves to a fun game of mini golf while learning about different cultures and countries.

9. Historical Theme

History is full of iconic events, and a historical mini golf theme is bound to educate and also make the mini golf session immersive and educational. Players travel through time and experience various types of historical events.

The holes are designed with obstacles inspired by the most iconic events in history such as World War I and II, the Titanic, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, and many more.

10. Hollywood Theme

Mini golf courses with a Hollywood theme dazzle players with bright lights, glamorous backdrops, flashing cameras, clapperboards, and the famous Hollywood sign itself. You’ll also find a wide variety of statues featuring famous actors and singers!

Players enjoy a game that takes them through a miniature Walk of Fame, a Red Carpet Event, and sometimes even an entirely recreated movie set. You’ll find plenty of Hollywood-inspired obstacles such as Oscar statues, clapperboards, director chairs, and more!

11. Jungle Theme

jungle themed mini golf course
The Jungle Adventure Play in Queensland, Australia

Jungle’s themes are dense and full of surprises. Mini golf courses with this theme are typically decorated with tropical elements to create an immersive jungle environment. Players are taken through a landscape filled with tall plants, bridges, trees, vines, caves, cliffs, rivers, and more.

You’ll also notice many types of jungle-themed statues and figurines, including birds, snakes, parrots, tigers, monkeys, and obstacles such as cargo boxes, vines, crates, and similar hazards!

12. Medieval Theme

Medieval mini golf themes are designed to transport payers back to the Middle Ages through vast landscapes of medieval kingdoms. These courses would typically feature various elements such as castles, hills, caves, dungeons, fortresses, and towers.

Hazards and obstacles take the form of weapons, shields, chests, armor, banners, flags, potions, and similar elements. Players travel from hole to hole on traditional cobblestone walkways, that are decorated with tall arches to create a memorable and realistic experience.

13. Military Theme

military theme mini golf
Memorial Miniature Golf and Museum in Texas, United States

Military mini golf themes are designed to look realistic and adventurous. Players make their way through holes that feature tanks, bunkers, guard posts, tents, soldiers, and other types of military equipment.

In order to recreate environments of battlefields, the obstacles on a military-themed mini golf course include barbed wires, weapons, military vehicles, trenches, nets, and more. This creates a realistic, adventurous, and also an educational experience for kids and adults.

14. Mining Theme

A mining theme offers players a look into the world of a mining operation. The course typically starts at the mine shaft, as they make their way deeper into the mine. To recreate a realistic atmosphere, these courses contain decorations that include large boulders, support beams, pipes, mining carts, and more.

Players travel through narrow pathways and play through a number of holes that feature obstacles such as pickaxes, rocks, lamps, wheelbarrows, ladders, and other sorts of mining equipment. Courses tend to be dimly lit and narrow to create a realistic and adventurous mini golf experience.

15. Movie Theme

movie theme
Pixar Putt in Melbourne, Australia

Movie-themed mini golf courses incorporate obstacles, designs, layouts, and hazards from famous films. Popular movie themes featured in these courses are Toy Story, Jaws, Titanic, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, and Pinocchio, among various others.

You’ll be able to find miniature replicas of movie sets, specific scenes, and also a collection of movie actors and characters. Courses are designed with a wide variety of film-related elements that include popcorn, movie reels, clapper boards, projectors, spotlights, director chairs, red carpets, and more!

16. Music Theme

Musical-themed mini golf courses are designed around popular music genres, musicians, and songs. These courses often feature creative hole designs that incorporate musical elements such as instruments, notes, lyrics, or symbols.

A music theme provides players with an immersive mini golf experience that’s fun and engaging. From famous singers and classic rock songs to musical notes and replicas of recording studios – these courses have it all!

17. Mystery Theme

Unleash your inner detective when playing on a mini golf course that is themed around mystery! On these courses, players traverse across holes that feature chalk-outlined bodies, and mysterious statues, hidden clues, and more!

Mystery-themed mini golf courses typically feature a variety of rooms such as maze-like libraries, castles, abandoned houses, and hidden laboratories! Players are bound to experience a nail-biting journey through these mysterious courses with ominous music in the background and sections covered in fog!

18. Mythology Theme

Featuring designs of the Greek, Roman, and Norse era, these mini golf courses offer an exciting and educational insight into these mythological cultures. While it offers a fun experience, players are often met with a mysterious vibe.

Holes in these courses feature obstacles that include temples, ships, creatures, statues, and more! Don’t be surprised if you find a statue of Zeus throwing a lightning bolt or other types of mythological gods around the course.

19. Amazonian Theme

amazonian mini golf theme
Treetop Adventure Golf in Manchester, United Kingdom

These mini golf course themes are designed to transport players to the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Colombia. The course design features various Amazonian-themed landscapes filled with rainforests and rivers.

The holes are decorated with matching elements that include vines, mangroves, animals, waterfalls, bushes, and more. The settings and decor make the game more enjoyable and immersive for players.

20. Pirate Theme

Pirates themes are full of adventure, as you putt your way through mysterious voyages, pirate battles, and treasure. These mini golf courses incorporate many pirate-themed features such as lighthouses, loot, cannons, treasure maps, ships, parrots, islands, and more!

There are even some pirate-themed mini golf courses that feature life-sized statues of Captain Hook, Blackbeard, Mary Read, Henry Morgan, and many more! All in all, these courses offer a thrilling experience of a pirate’s life, while playing mini golf!

21. Racing Theme

A racing-themed mini golf course offers an exciting experience to players that love the thrill of speed! Holes are typically set up as individual race tracks and are inspired by motorsport-related decorations such as tire barriers, race cars, superbikes, chequered flags, podiums, and trophies!

While mini golf surfaces are most commonly made of artificial turf, race track-themed courses can have varying surface materials that include asphalt and concrete, the make the experience more realistic.

22. Safari Theme

safari themed mini golf course
Golf Safari Mini Golf in Florida, United States

These themes give players an immersive experience of the wonderful animal kingdom featuring various types of landscapes including savannahs and subtropical grasslands.

Holes are set up in a way that takes players through these beautiful landscapes, as they face hazards and obstacles in the shape of different animal figurines, shrubs, and water holes, as well as iconic trees like Baobab and Candelabra Trees.

23. Science Theme

Science-based mini golf courses are an engaging and educational way to experience the wonders of science, including mathematics, statistics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, and more! It’s especially popular among kids.

Inspire a new generation of scientists while playing through holes that feature various science-related elements and obstacles that include lab equipment, planets, telescopes, globes, cells, vials, bulbs, wires, microscopes, and calculators, among many others.

24. Sci-Fi Theme

Sci-Fi-themed mini golf courses are sure to attract players who love anything related to science and technology, space exploration, and time travel, as well as famous Sci-Fi movies and television series. You’ll be sure to find popular elements of famous franchises such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, Alien, and many more.

Players make their way through mysterious galaxies, where the holes are designed with obstacles that include spaceships, famous Sci-Fi characters, laser beams, planets, and aliens, just to name a few.

25. Spooky Theme

spooky-themed mini golf courses
The Witching Hour in Wellington, New Zealand

Scary attractions are most popular around Halloween, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy playing on a spooky-themed mini golf course at any time of the year! Before you venture into the darkness, make sure that the course is suitable for children, if you’re bringing your kids along.

Holes are typically designed to give players a good scare, using elements like tombstones, spooky ghosts, witches, zombies, clowns, monsters, cauldrons, broomsticks, and fog! Spooky mini golf courses are a must-try if you’re into horror and mystery!

26. Sports Theme

If you’re into football, soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and other types of sports, then you’ll feel right at home! Sports-themed mini golf courses are designed with elements from different sports.

Players will find themselves putting through holes that feature soccer balls, goalposts, basketball nets, scoreboards, podiums, referees, courts, whistles, trophies, and a whole lot more! Some courses even have life-sized figures of famous athletes such as Michael Jordan, Christiano Ronaldo, and Michael Schumacher!

27. Superhero Theme

Why not test skills and putt like a superhero? Superhero-themed mini golf courses are action-packed and feature holes that are designed to give you an awe-inspiring experience. Players putt their way through their favorite superhero-themed holes.

These themes include scenes and sets from Batman, Superman, the Avengers, Antman, Aquaman, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and many more! Make your way through Gotham City, Asgard, and other superhero-inspired settings for a full-filled experience.

28. Tropical Island Theme

tropical island theme mini golf course
Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf in Orlando, Florida

Escape to paradise at a tropical island-themed mini golf course. You’ll get the chance to sink the ball along beautiful sceneries of sandy beaches, lush palm trees, idyllic lagoons, and similar amazing landscapes!

You’ll commonly find hazards that take the form of fallen palm trees, rocks, and tropical animals such as birds, monkeys, fish, snakes, and more. This theme offers an adventurous insight into the Tropics, providing a fun and immersive putting experience.

29. Western Theme

Western-themed mini golf courses feature elements of the Wild Wild West including landscapes filled with deserts and mountains. The holes are decorated with Western-styled objects such as cowboys, horses, wagons, and lassos.

The best mini golf courses that feature a Western theme have actual statues and figures of cowboys, sheriffs, and bandits, as well as saloons, and other types of iconic Western buildings. These courses offer an exciting and entertaining experience for families, friends, and people of all age groups.

30. Wilderness Theme

Wilderness-themed mini golf courses are adventurous, educational, and engaging. Players make their way through caves and narrow wooden bridges, across narrow streams, and different types of landscapes.

More adventurous courses feature abandoned campsites, crashed plane sites, dangerous animals, and other perils of the great outdoors. You’ll come across various adventure-related obstacles providing players with a truly immersive and adventurous experience.

31. Winter Theme

winter themed mini golf course
Disney’s Winter Summerland in Florida, United States

A winter-themed mini golf course offers a magical experience at any time of the year. Typically covered in snow-like decor, you’re bound to find these courses fun and cozy at the same time.

You’ll come across many winter-themed hazards and elements that include frozen-over lakes, igloos, statues caught in a snowball fight, icy mountain peaks, snowmen, and other types of winter landscapes and decor.

32. Zoo Theme

A Zoo themed mini golf course makes use of enclosures, featuring different types of animals, such as lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and more. Players make their way through these enclosures with various types of obstacles.

Some holes are even designed with actual water that features crocodiles, alligators, and other wild animals. It’s a great way to recreate elements of an actual zoo, making the playing experience enjoyable and educational for kids.

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