bringing your own putter to mini golf games

Can You Bring Your Own Putter to a Mini Golf Course?

Your mini golf experience would be incomplete without a putter! A mini golf putter is a club used to gently strike the golf ball into each hole of the course. Though already available at mini golf courses, can and should you bring your own putter?

Although some mini golf courses allow you to bring your own putter, it’s not encouraged as it may create an unfair advantage when you play against others. However, there are certain scenarios where bringing your own putter may make sense.

In this article, we’ll further explore the reasons why you may not want to bring your own putter to the mini golf course, under what circumstances you could, and what steps you should take before you do so!

Can You Bring Your Own Putter to a Mini Golf Course?

The rules and regulations of a mini golf course play a significant role when it comes to deciding whether or not you should bring your own putter. Though some mini golf courses might allow it, the majority require you to use the putters from the course.

However, some mini golf courses don’t have any rules restricting players from bringing their own putters and if you are comfortable with using your own you should check with the mini golf course first. 

In that case, it’s up to you! So when is it okay to bring your own putter? Here are a few pointers to help you out in the decision-making process:

  • When you are playing the course yourself – Since using your own golf putter may give you an unfair advantage, it’s only recommended to bring your own, if you’re playing by yourself or if the people you are playing with are aware and agree to it. If not, it’s recommended to simply use the regular putter that mini golf courses make available to all players. 
  • When practicing putting for standard golf – Another reason to bring your own golf putter to a mini golf course is when you are practicing your putting skills for regular golf. You’ll be more used to your own putter and will definitely be able to increase your putting skills. However, take note that mini golf course surfaces may have a different surface texture than regular golf. 
  • When playing in a mini golf competition – Whether it’s an inter-family competition or a competitive tournament, the key to success is how strategically and efficiently you use the putter to sink the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. Most mini golf competitions and tournaments allow you to bring your own putter, which you can take advantage of. 

Reasons Why You Should Not Bring Your Own Putter 

Every mini golf course has its own uniquely designed putters for you to choose from. These are mostly the typical metal or rubber-coated bullseye putters which are readily available.

Even though some courses may allow you to bring your own putter, we still wouldn’t really recommend it, as it can create an unfair advantage and you’re not supposed to take mini golf all too seriously – it’s a social leisure game after all!

Here are some reasons why you should avoid bringing your own putter to a mini golf course:

  • It can create an unfair advantage – With everyone using the same putter, while you use a more professional one, a fair mini golf game can turn into an unfair one relatively quickly. Using your own putter can give you an unfair advantage over others in your group.
  • Some mini golf courses don’t allow it – Due to scoring guidelines, most mini golf courses have strict rules against bringing your own putters. These are in place mainly to keep the game fair in all cases.
  • Mini golf shouldn’t be taken too seriously – Being a casual, laid-back version of standard golf, mini golf is all about having fun. Therefore, if you are just going for a casual mini golf game with family or friends,  use the putters available instead of bringing your own – unless you’re playing competitively.
  • It’s inconvenient – Available putters at a mini golf course are free and readily available. Therefore, instead of bringing your own putter and increasing the chances of it getting damaged or lost, opt for using the putters from the facility. 

Do Mini Golf Courses Provide Putters?

Yes! Every mini golf course provides a putter for each player. Therefore, you aren’t expected to bring your own. The putter along with the golf ball, a pen, and a scorecard is handed over to you at the start of every mini golf game.

There are some exceptions when it comes to public mini golf courses. These types of courses are usually free of charge and located outdoors with no concession stand and supervision. In that case, you may need to bring your own putter.

What to Do When Bringing Your Own Putter

Whether it’s to practice for standard golf or just for fun, call or check the website of the mini golf course to inquire about their rules and guidelines before making the decision to bring your own putter.

Moreover, ask the fellow players in your group if they are okay with you bringing your own putter and then make the decision. Whatever the choice is, just remember to embrace the fun and the social aspect of mini golf!